DCTR Track Templates

We will introduce printable templates for our DCTR Black System some day and make these available for download on this site. In addition to that we will offer two or three downloadable one piece Track Posters for printing or plotting.

Currently we plan to support two categories „Track“ and „Road“ with several pieces each and transition modules to connect both.

All Templates will likely be top-down ortographic renderings of modified public domain landscape tiles. Some of these available in the public domain on http://blendswap.com:

The race track and landscape plans/ tiles are very usefull, the rail and suburban tiles are merely landscaping fluff.

There will be an Expansion to generate suitable Maps from OpenStreetMap data if the Game progresses this far and suitable interess exists.

Also a number of 3D printable track modules and elements (barriers, signs, tribunes, bridges, etc.) will be available in the future…

Slot Racing Sidetrack

As often observed we also had that year when the kids found one of these RTR Carrera GO introductory packages beneath the x-mas tree. The scale modeler in me always wanted to make something beautiful and more permanent of these. Currengly I’m thinking about permanently mounted double track on plywood or a four track self made wooden track with mill-cut groove-rail and inlayed braid.

I’m currently collecting links and information for this venture. As far as the boy still support this kind of past time I will write about our progress on this site too (and thus sidetracking from the Die Cast Track Racing topic of the site). I’ll make sure to include photos and tutorials.

In addition to that there will be track templates for our „DCTR Black“ system demnächst for printing and cutting/milling.